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The changing face of Australian Migration

Change in Australia Migration
Australian Migration, The change is now.

Australia, a massive landmass with endless opportunity. A country built on the hard work of migrants and the indigenous people, be it the first convicts that were sent to colonise this country or the newer migrants that have come to call Australia home. We have all contributed to this relatively young country, and are proud to call ourselves Australian.

Recently there has been a heated debate in the country that has had a direct impact on the Immigration / Migration system of Australia. This debate, has been politically motivated, but has some merits as our capital cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne are bursting at the seams.

Reasons for such an imbalance in migration numbers heading to certain cities or areas could be that the cities named above are the most well known Australian cities throughout the world and have become economic centres with a vibrant multicultural population. People who have migrated to these cities have friends and family that want to migrate to Australia and when these new migrants arrive, they then try and move close to the people they know.

This results in imbalance in the migrant population and the issues we are aware of.

Other than this, work opportunities, due to the fact that almost all big business in Australia is headquartered in Sydney or Melbourne, are plentiful for highly skilled migrants who want to gain employment within the corporate world.

Further magnifying the problem is the lack of incentives for migrants to move to regional centres, which means these migrants, even after gaining a regional visa, still move to the capital cities due to lack of work, and opportunity.

The reaction to the overpopulation of the capital cities is the introduction of reform to the migration program, and the call to cut down on migration. With the Australian people demanding massive cuts to migration, and the politicians tossing the issue in the news to gain maximum traction in this anti-migration landscape there will be significant change coming, the question I ask is, "What will this change look like?, and how will it impact Australia in the long run?". This is yet to be answered and will be revealed in time.

There are many positives for Australian migration, even in this changing landscape.

1. Australia still the best country in the world to be in,

2. Skilled professionals (especially in the engineering, tech, IT, and telecom sectors) are in high demand,

3. Its still the best country in the world to live in,

4. Did I say its the best country in the world to Migrate to yet?

Jokes aside, If you want to get a realistic assessment of your options to move to Australia and call the best country in the world home, click on the link below and apply for a free assessment, we would love to assist you in your move to Australia.

Thank you for reading.

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