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What our clients say about us

Keval & Maggie

My name is Maggie and my partner Keval Patel,
We lodged our partner visa application back in Feb 2015 but before lodging the application we had so much stress about this application as Keval had to leave the country and we had to wait for the grant of his visa.


What made it even more stressful was that he had to leave the country. We were lucky having Pratibha Sharma as our lawyer. Pratibha mam has been a massive blessing, when my partner left for India it was very hard for me.


I used to call Pratibha quite often for the answers to my day today queries about the pending application but she was always very patient. She always answered my calls or if not then she would call me back. She understood my loneliness and always motivated me morally.


Keval and I knew from the bottom of our hearts that she will not let us down and she definitely didn't. You know it's hard being without the person you love but she brought us back together. In September 2016 Keval called me and gave the news that he is coming back to Australia.


I was at work when he called me, I was crying and screaming and was overwhelmed that he was coming home. We don’t have enough words to thank her but surely from the bottom of our hearts we are grateful to you Pratibha and your team at Honest Immigrations.


We very highly appreciate and acknowledge your hard work, professionalism, knowledge and experience that you put in our application which gave us the opportunity to live our life the way we have been dreaming so far. We pray that God blesses you and your company. We cannot thank you enough.We feel Very Blessed.


We highly recommend Honest Immigrations to all for stress free and highly professional migration services.

Amandeep & Bhupinder

I am very thankful to Pratibha and the team of Honest Immigrations for their outstanding work.


Due to my previous agent’s mistake I got my 457 visa for one year only instead of 4 years. I was very lucky that I went to Pratibha who lodged my RSMS application and I got permanent residence in Oct 2016 without any further delay.


She lodged a COMPLETE APPLICATION and the case officer asked no further documents.


During my application process my husband and I went to India to attend my sister -in -laws marriage. I was very worried for my application but she promised to keep us informed and unlike other migration agents she kept updating us about our application while we were in India.


She fully kept her promise. We really appreciate her honest efforts of updating us, due to which we could fully enjoy the marriage.


Pratibha is not just a migration adviser or consultant; she is also a lovely person. She always encouraged me and said, "You don't worry now, your stress and problems are mine."


There were times when I had given up but she kept on motivating me. My husband and I highly recommend Honest Immigrations to those who want professional, trustworthy and stress free migration services.


Once again my husband and I want to thank Pratibha and the whole team of Honest Immigrations from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work done for us. We highly recommend her to all.


Thank you very much Pratibha for providing us such excellent services. Finally we got our visa only because of your hard work and good guidance.


You are the best in Australia. Highly recommending everyone to go to Honest Immigrations for any migration related complex issues. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Mallika Meshram

I feel honored to write this testimony for Ms. Pratibha Sharma (Honest Immigrations). I have known Pratibha Mam for the last 3–4 years when I was stuck in a bad student visa issue.


My student visa was wrongly cancelled by the department and being a PhD student I was unable to pursue my course without a student visa. When I lost all hopes then I came to know about Pratibha mam through one of my fiends. I contacted her immediately and her timely advice, spot on knowledge of immigration laws and rules helped rescue my situation. She brought me back to Australia on a visitor visa and applied for my student visa once I was in Australia. Ever since then we were in constant touch and I went ahead and applied for my work visa (485) through Honest Immigrations.

To me Pratibha is more than an immigration consultant; she has been a mentor and truly a very inspiring person. With her constant advice I also applied for my Permanent Residence and today I have received my PR and I attribute this success completely to Pratibha's hard work. It was her consistent advice and highly organized way of working that made this possible.

During all the years I have known Pratibha Mam, I find her very dedicated and passionate about her work. She never gives up on any case that's with her and never lets her clients lose hope. She constantly strives for solutions to any complicated case and gives her best advice and service to her clients. Her entire team at Honest Immigration is friendly, approachable and spot on.

I have recommended Pratibha Sharma to my friends and family members and would always strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for solutions in difficult situations to gain Permanent Residence or any other visa in Australia.

No words can express my deep gratitude to Pratibha Sharma and her team at Honest Immigration for making sure that I receive my permanent resident status in Australia.
Thank you,

Dr. Mallika Meshram


The process of leaving your homeland and establishing yourself in a new country can be stressful enough. Adding endless streams of forms, interviews and personal checks to mix only increases the stress.


The services Pratibha provides, reduces this stress. Her honesty and experience meant we had someone we could trust to safely navigate the visa paperwork trail.

I am an Australian Citizen by birth my spouse and I love each other dearly. The thought of us being parted is devastating, our relationship was one mutual understanding, trust and a deep love that words cannot explain. Pratibha not only understood the process of us successfully obtaining a residency visa, she understood the importance to us both.


She explained the risks and how to reduce them and reassured us when we needed encouragement. She was always there when we needed her.


With Pratibha's help my spouse is now an Australian resident. We can now relax and enjoy building a long and happy life together.


Thank you Pratibha for making our dreams a reality. We recommend Honest Immigrations to everyone.

Gurpreet Singh

I would like to thanks Pratibha at Honest Immigrations, for her guidance and helping me in my visa process. The way she works is excellent, and she is a kind hearted person and works honestly.


We all know that if we want to reach our destination we need an experienced pilot who has vast knowledge and she is the experienced migration consultant to go to, I appreciate the way she works and I will reach my destination through her assistance. Please friend i highly recommend you guys to visit Pratibha at Honest Immigrations for your bright future thanks a lot Honest Immigration.

Pankaj Saini

I had the best experience ...but i will suggest everyone if you need a genuine opinion and guidance do opt for Honest Immigrations.

I would personally like to thank Pratibha. Even though my case was very complex and difficult, she managed to do it with ease.


Tarun Parameswar

This is one of the best immigration agency in Brisbane from my personal experience.


I was in a situation which was really complicated with my visa and I had consulted many of the well reputed and highly rated agencies which told me nothing can be done about it and told me that I had to leave the country. If it was not for Pratibha I'm quite sure I would not be in Australia.


She was so supportive and helped me get through this difficult time. I feel she is the kind of person who takes up each matter with so much of confidence and sincerity and does her maximum for the best results.


I recommend everyone who ever is any situation and lost hope, the best place to head to is Honest Immigrations. Meet Pratibha, it’s my word that she will take care of you.

All my support and wishes for Honest Immigrations, you people are the best in town..



Harvinder Singh

Huge thanks to Pratibha for all the support regarding my student visa extension. My case was bit tricky because I had applied for an RSMS visa as well . I consulted with many migration lawyers but everyone gave me 50-50 percent chance for visa extension. However she give me a positive response. Finally I got my student visa in 1 month. I could not believe it was that quick. I will definitely recommend Honest Immigrations to everyone, Thanks again Pratibha 🙏🏻.

Davinder Mann

Have got immense support and excellent results during the whole process. Pratibha thank you. Excellent services by Honest Immigration.

Goldy Singh

Honest Immigrations are the best from Brisbane . we went to many migration groups but Honest Immigrations is the best. Pratibha gave us the best service. She is very good at her work. Most important she tells the truth about case . I love their service and highly recommend Honest Immigrations to everyone for 100% good results.

Nisar Khan

Honest Immigrations are truly the experts in their field.


Pratibha being an experienced lawyer (in the Delhi High Court) has an experienced eye, and expert knowledge of Australian Migration law to handle challenging cases as mine.


I was heartbroken and distressed when I got 2 refusals for 461- visa for my wife from migration guru. I am thankful to my friend also who recommended me to Honest Immigrations. After going through both the refusals Pratibha understood the reason and prepared the application with her expertise and lodged a third application for my wife and my wife was granted a visa 2 months back when I was in Pakistan. She actually made my dream come true and now I am enjoying life in Australia with my wife and my little daughter.

 I do not have enough words to thank for her hard work and honest efforts. She is a MIGRATION SURGEON in real sense and accepts complicated cases as challenges. I also thank the whole team of Honest Immigrations for their best and prompt replies and services during the process of my application.


I was surprised to see that they called me in Pakistan also when ever they needed any information from me.

I would highly recommend Honest Immigrations to everyone specially to those who have given up hope in their cases.


Friends you must go to Honest Immigrations for the solution to your migration problems and honestly she will look after you.

Nicolle Cooper

Some say that finding your partner is a hard experience, but my partner and I were lucky to find each other and find a connection between us and my son, that has led to a tight family. Besides the differences in our family upbringing, mine a typical Australian life and his, a typical Punjabi upbringing we were able to see the love through these differences and also come to blend the two harmoniously.


My partner and I, along with my son have formed something that would bring us to devastation if we were to ever be separated. In 2013 we applied for a partner visa and after waiting for two years and hearing nothing from our then agent, we started to become very distressed that something was wrong. After making over twenty calls every two weeks, we still had no answer until we finally heard that it had been refused.


Three years of our lives were looking like being blown away by the complete mishandling of our case and loss of interest by our then agent. We were lost and through friends, were finally told about Pratibha Sharma from Honest Immigrations who would be able to help us obtain some answers and possibly be able to help us go through the MRT process to keep our family together.


Pratibha gave us professional advice, often extending her generosity and friendship as she counselled us in her office to discuss our concerns. We gathered information and collected everything that Pratibha wanted us to get, often listening to her lists late at night or on the weekend as we knew she was working extra time to provide a concise, but thorough look at our lives together. Pratibha also handing out tissues and words of kindness when I myself became upset with the processes involved. Her constant and untethered reassurances helped to calm us and give us confidence in our own abilities as well as in hers to get to the end of our problems. She often told us to stop stressing. Through constant consultation and lots of phone calls (from us which she always answered, or from her to ask questions) we were able to establish a very good case, working as a team to collate all of the information needed.

I truly believe there would have been no positive outcome for us if we had not been introduced to Pratibha at this point of our lives. We would have been separated and without my partner here my life would now be drastically different with no one to help me with my illnesses and no-one to be a proper role model for my son. Pratibha understood the complexities of our family life and offered not just legal support, but also emotional support so that we would not give up. She was our rock.


During our MRT hearing Pratibha was there as a strong support and even made sure that all evidence was heard. This meant so much to my family and to our case as the Judge then had a picture of our lives from my parents. Also most importantly, our case was before the judge for a very short time as all evidence and a wonderful submission, written by Pratibha, painted a very accurate and thorough picture for the judge to see before we even attended the hearing.


We will be recommending her to anyone we see in need and know that she works tirelessly to achieve the best result within the framework of the law. We cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and support during this time in our lives.

Khushveer Kaur

Honest Immigrations are clearly expert in their field. My account was handled professionally, quickly and was very affordable.


I highly recommend Honest Immigrations and Pratibha mam who is one of the most personable, competent service providers I have dealt with.

Thank you Honest Immigrations!

Gurvinder Singh

Best choice🤗...
From the first call until your Visa grant notification- perfect communication, quick and easy process and most importantly successful.

Reliable and knows their job well! Huge thank you to Pratibha and Rajeev who was responsible for my Visa application and subsequent grant 😊😊.

Thank you team Honest!

Akanksha Adya

Honest immigrations is highly recommended.


Pratibha, I just love the way you work and handle every case. My case wasn't easy I know but you made the process simple. Excellent work! Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into my application and to get a visa for me, and most importantly a dependent visa for my brother.


Keep going and meet all the challenges. Good luck. Thank you Honest Immigrations!

Satinderpal Kaur

I am really happy and thankful with the services provided by the whole team of Honest Immigration.They are very helpful and experienced, especially Pratibha, she is amazing and intelligent, always listened to me carefully and supported me every step of the way with professional advice.


I got my student visa within 15 days that was quite tricky.I strongly advice everyone to visit Honest Immigrations to acquire solutions for all your visa problems.


God bless you guys and keep it up 👍🏻😊

Mrunal Korad

Thank you Pratibha for all the support. From the moment we entered your office, you proved to us to be very considerate and honest.


Pratibha took immediate attention to our case as it was very late from our side to approach her. We are very happy and satisfied with Honest Immigrations and would recommend them to everyone.


After being misguided by various migration agents I had lost all hopes to remain in Australia.


My student visa was about to be cancelled
and my passport was also expiring in few days.
That was the time when I went to Honest Immigrations and met Pratibha. She heard my case patiently and gave me hope.


Only because of Honest Immigrations sincere efforts, I was granted my student visa for 2 years and now i will be able to complete my study.

Thank you Pratibha and your team. You are genuinely a migration surgeon as people say.


Honest Immigrations is the right name for your company.

I highly recommend Honest Immigrations to those who have lost hopes in their cases due to misguidance.

Atleast once you MUST visit Honest immigrations.

Manish Garg

I highly recommend Honest Immigrations. In my experience, I have received brilliant service and expert advice. Very grateful also for the prompt friendly service, when dealing with immigration matters.


I got my 485 visa , Pratibha was always helpful in dealing with visa matters and also Mannu and Rajeev.


Thanks to all of team Honest. Name of the firm explains their work, honest work by a honest business.

Miki Li

I had so many excellent experience with Honest Immigrations. Pratibha's team helped me so much with my situation.


The company provides professional, helpful, ethical and high quality services.


Pratibha and Raj are professional and kind, and they have empathy to the people who need their help.


They really care about their customers!


Pratibha herself provided so much helpful advice to me, such a life-changing experience for my life and career. I couldn't be happier with my life right now❤️ Thank you team Honest.

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