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Australian visa categories

Coming to Australia for work, an adventurous holiday or wanting to live permanently in Australia? Have you found your soulmate in Australia? Or do you have family you would like to join in Australia? There is a visa category you will need to apply under and be granted a valid Australian visa.

Australia has a complex immigration system that can be very confusing at times. There are upwards of 90 different visa classes and sub-classes which, just on their own, can be difficult to navigate through let alone find the right Australian visa for your circumstances.

We can help you navigate the complex visa systems Australia has in place, with expert guidance, industry knowledge, and years of experience in the Australian migration space.


Our service is Professional, Transparent & above all Honest.

We customize our professional services around our clients, providing timely updates, great customer service, and exceptional value. 

Honest Immigrations

Professional. Transparent. Honest.

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Australian Visas and Stamp
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Australian Work Visa

From temporary work visas to permanent skilled migration visas this category is for skilled workers.

Work Visas
Partner Visas

Found the love of your life in Australia and would like to get  married? This is where you start.

Partner Visa
Working Holiday VIsas

Are you from a partner country that has a working holiday program with Australia? This is the category for you.

Working Holiday Visa
Australian Work Visa

Joining a family member in Australia? This category is for you.

Family Visas
Student Visas

Want to pursue schooling or higher study in Australia? This visa is for you.

Student Visa
Corporate Migration Services

Business owners and HR professionals who wish to sponsor employees for their business.

Corporate Immigration Services
Tourist Visas

Want to visit Australia to enjoy our many beautiful beaches, and amazing natural habitats? Start here!

Tourist Visa
Business Visas

If you would like to invest in Australia, this is the category for you.

Business Visas
AAT Applications

Has your visa application been refused? 

Administrative Appeals Tribunal
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