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Just a little about us

Over 30 years of experience in the legal profession, Pratibha Sharma our principal migration consultant has had a varied and successful career as a respected lawyer in the Delhi High Court.

Her expertise was in civil and family law. Moving to Australia more than a decade back she has been a successful business owner along with obtaining her Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law.

She has since been working in the Australian Migration field and soon thereafter started Honest Immigrations.

Being a migrant herself she drew on her personal experience with agents, and wanted to provide people coming to this beautiful country a superior service that is personalized to their individual needs and circumstances. She believes in an honest and straightforward approach that gets results, and fast.

At Honest Immigrations we believe in staying in touch with our clients throughout the application process and making sure they are kept informed every step of the way. Transparency and Honesty are integral to the way we do business.

We have helped many clients in difficult situations get a favorable outcome with their applications, this includes clients with refused or even cancelled visas. On our website you will find some testimonials of our past clients.

We have offices in Brisbane and associate offices in New Delhi and Mumbai to look after our clients.

Our client base is diverse and we have helped people from Australia, India, UK, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, China just to name a few.

Honest Immigrations

Professional. Transparent. Honest.



The Heart and Soul of the Honest Group. Pratibha has extensive legal experience and was a practising lawyer in the Delhi High Court for close to 30 years prior to coming to Australia. She is the founder of Honest Immigrations and our principal migration agent. Pratibha is adept at solving complex migration related problems and is also referred to as a migration surgeon.



Rajeev Sharma is the co-director of the Honest Group, he is a commerce graduate with extensive entrepreneurial experience. He has been at the helm of many startups which he, through his thorough and exceptional eye for detail, has catapulted to success. Rajeev works hard to make Honest Immigrations set the benchmark for migration services in Australia.


Mannu looks after all IT, Marketing and Sports Tours. Mannu has had a successful career in the financial services industry, and quit his job in 2009 to join Honest Immigrations. He is the go to guy for all things IT. He is a self confessed nerd and loves it. Mannu keeps the digital space ticking for the Honest Group.

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