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Partner Visa Woes?

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Partner Visa

The success of your partner visa application is not dependant on just a genuine relationship. I come across many young couples who have lodged their applications on their own, and have got handed refusals for minor errors even though their relationship was a of a genuine nature.

What many people lodging their own partner visa applications do not realise is that the department asks for a lot of supplementary information which needs to be provided to prove the genuineness of the relationship; moreover, the evidence needs to prove beyond doubt, the nature of the relationship, the ongoing and continuing commitment of the partners to each other, the financial aspects of the relationship, the social aspects of the relationship, and many other types of evidence to prove beyond a doubt the commitment of both the partners (the applicant and the sponsor) to each other and their life together.

The processing time is very long for this subclass and during this whole time the evidence needs to be gathered and collected to provide at the second stage of your application (Should the department ask for it). A genuine relationship will encompass a whole plethora of basic things that a couple does together, including but not limited to, spending time together, meeting and greeting friends and family, saving money together, holidaying together etc. Apart from this the couple also undertakes the general day to day tasks of a household, and have roles and responsibilities divided between each other. (this forms the basis of the nature of the house hold, an explanation and evidence of which is required at the time of lodgement.) On the whole the evidence requirements at the time of lodgement and at the time of the second stage decision are massive.

Honest Immigrations are experienced in the lodging of Partner Visa applications and take great care in the preparation of documents and provide the department with all evidence required right from the start. Our clients have experienced the Honest Difference, and have benefited from our in depth knowledge and experience in the Partner Visa application process. Contact us now to make things a breeze.

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